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Pure sparkling natural New Zealand springwater combined with premium certified Manuka Honey.
Expertly blended with a hint of lime to create a refreshing, revitalising drink that can be enjoyed day or night.

Manuso® uses only genuine certified premium New Zealand Manuka Honey that is packed full of powerful nutrients and natural antioxidants.
One of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets now available as a beverage.


Famed for its pristine natural beauty and lush green landscapes, New Zealand is the perfect place for Manuka bushes and flowers to thrive, Our hardworking honey bees can be traced directly to the honey source by entering the unique batch code on the bottom of the bottle into our website search function.

  • Manuka Honey is highly regarded as being the most beneficial healthy honey in the world. 

  • Manuka honey is an excellent nutritional supplement that is proven to have four times more powerful nutritional content than regular honey. It is super rich in essential amino acids, B Vitamins, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and a range of other nutrients that the human body needs to maintain healthy function
  • Manuka honey has a very high level of antibacterial enzymes making it an ideal health tonic for the fast effective treatment of wounds, allergy symptoms, aiding digestive problems and assisting with boosting of the immune system
  • Manuka honey has also been known to help promote restful sleep by assisting with the slow release of melatonin and glycogen to aid deep sleep


Just like our hardworking honey bees, Manuso® founders Jason and Fiona McIntyre worked tirelessly for more than two years developing, testing and tasting this world class soda.
Experienced drinks entrepreneurs, the McIntyre’s are passionate about taking New Zealand’s rich primary resources and turning them into one of a kind beverages to showcase on the world stage.
Manuso® is the second beverage in the McIntyre’s portfolio and is sold in New Zealand and Asia.
Their other brand Passionberry® Strawberry Cocktail is the lowest calorie cocktail in the world and is also exported around the world.


Launching soon into a number of premium retail outlets – watch this space!

We only sell wholesale direct to the retail sector. If you are a retailer and are interested in stocking Manuso® please call or email us for more information: Ph 021 492742 info@manuso.co.nz


For more information please contact us during business hours:
Ph 021 492742